March 4, 2014

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New article by Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch
Invisible hands: the role of highly involved families in long-term residential care.
Non UofA Access
Baumbusch J, Phinney A.
Journal of family nursing 2014 Feb;20(1):73-97

Care work by family and friends is recognized as a cornerstone of community-based care for older adults; however, the role of families in institutional-based care work has been less well understood and researched. Drawing on findings from a critical ethnographic study, this article aims to examine the unique role of highly involved family members within long-term residential care. The study took place between October 2006 and April 2008 in two facilities in British Columbia, Canada. A purposive sample of 11 highly involved family members participated in in-depth interviews and participant observations. The main themes were “Hands-On,” “Hands-Off,” “Surveillance,” and “Interlopers.” These themes illuminate the ways in which highly involved family members…

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